When life becomes complicated, we aim for simplicity.

Our goal is to provide simple, easy-to-understand products that solve the needs of our customers.

Complexity leads to high costs and is not conducive to our mutual trust.

On the other hand, simple solutions promote the trust so important in financial matters, and we are convinced that they lead individuals to make better decisions.

We follow this principle at eny every day.

From people, for people

Our employees bring with them the most varied experiences and backgrounds. They are united in the knowledge that they and their colleagues will grow as individuals and that they are empowered by eny to serve customers both face-to-face and behind the scenes.

Need-based Products

Our products are easy to understand and we are constantly updating them based on feedback from our customers and employees. We are proud of our agile innovation process.

Not all of our products succeed in meeting the needs of customers, but we learn from both failures and successes and constantly strive to improve what we do.


Straightforward Communication

Just like our products that are focused on meeting needs in the simplest way possible, we communicate in the clearest, most direct way.

To ensure we are seeing eye-to-eye, our communication is created with a specific audience in mind, creating trust on both sides. We live and communicate in support of diversity.

Advantage: Independence

Our company was one of the first next generation service providers on the Swiss FinTech scene, having been founded in 2012.

Because we are a Swiss SME that does not belong to a larger parent company, you profit from our short response times and lean infrastructure. We react to your needs quickly, cost-effectively and in a straightforward manner.


eny Finance AG History

  • Launch of eny Credit: First online credit in switzerland
    • Duration: 120 months
    • Insurance with best coverage in swiss market
    • Interest starting at 6.9%
  • Launch eny Control: Online Cockpit (real-time transactions and credit account access)
  • Launch eny Lab: For the interaction with our clients
  • Launch eny Budget: For the management of the budget using innovative photo/voice/text input of expenses
  • Introduction of risk-based pricing for more flexibility in lending and to meet customer needs
  • Over CHF 100 million loans disbursed
  • Strategic cooperation with autoricardo.ch in the area of car financing online
  • Member of the Swiss Consumer Finance Association www.konsumfinanzierung.ch
  • Relaunch eny Credit: Insurance in cooperation with AXA Insurances
  • Member F10 FinTech Incubator & Accelerator
  • eny Credit: Interest starting at 4.5%
  • Launch for egalwarum.ch campaign: credit without basic information
  • eny Music: Entry into the factoring business (prototype)
  • eny Business: SME financing (enybusiness.ch)
  • eny Home: Real estate financing (prototype)